Heart Tones Sound Essence Set

Heart Tones Sound Essence Set


Heart Tones; the fourth dimensional link. These remedies support the 4th Dimension, bridging our three dimensional Self to the fifth dimension of Archangels.

Heart Tones are created with Alchemy crystal bowls, Jewelled water, Fairy Essences from Ireland and Flower Essences from England and Canada. The purpose of Heart Tones Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies is to open the heart to let the light shine up to the pineal gland to help shift consciousness.

The set contains 7 bottles of 15ml Sound Essence Misters - Cherish, Passion, Belief, Abundance, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Peace

They are the next step after the Meridians Vitalizers, Chakra Balancers and Aura Harmonizers because they set up the **Heart** to receive the ultimate vibration of the Archangel Blessings.

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