eTouch For Health Software


The eTouch for Health software is a comprehensive tool for learning, practicing and teaching Touch for Health protocols. 

eTouch runs on Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. 

The searchable Reference contains the complete content of Touch for Health - the Complete Edition, by Dr. John Thie and Matthew Thie, plus many additional features available only on the computer including TFH eCharts.

Visit the eTouch for Health website for instant downloads from US$119 per year or from US$6 per month.

More eTouch for Health software info:

Simple session system allows quick session creation. eTouch includes instructions, illustrations and digital movies of all 42 muscles tests and many energetic balancing techniques. Guides you through the balancing process and records your results for reports and reference.

• Easy-to-use interactive interface
• Digital movies of muscle tests
• Extensive collection of charts and illustrations
• Searchable reference
• Personal Records
• Testing/balancing session creation
• Results recording
• Session archival
• Reports
• Hot links between relevant information

eTouch is being used safely in homes, clinics, schools and spas in over 75 countries since 2003. Used by students, instructors, practitioners and lay people. eTouch for Health is based on Touch for Health: The Complete Edition by Dr. John Thie and Matthew Thie. 

Note: Not used for diagnosis and treatment of disease and life-threatening conditions.

iOS Subscription Description:

The iOS 3.3 subscriptions allow you to run eTouch 3.3 on your Apple iPad or iPod devices once you have a primary copy of eTouch 3.3 already running on a laptop or desktop computer. Apple iTunes is used to copy your eTouch app files to and from your primary computer and your mobile device. The iOS version is identical to the desktop versions.