How to change your life in 8 days - TFH Training Workshop

I know it sounds crazy - in just 8 days - really? But that's the feedback from TFH Training Workshop students year after year. It's official, the TFH Training Workshop really does change lives!

Yes, you'll gain a greater depth of understanding and fluidity in Touch for Health. Yes, you'll have the opportunity to receive a license to become a TFH Instructor and run your own classes and workshops. Yes, you'll have loads of fun, laughter and learn lots. But, the icing on the cake is the personal development. You can watch a short interview I did with a student from previous years here.

During the 8 days we focus on interpersonal skills. How to resolve conflicts with others ... and with yourself!  How to empower friends, family AND you. We'll look at your own learning style, gifts and challenges and make sure they benefit you so that you can attain your goals and reach for the sky.

As if 8 glorious days of TFH weren't enough to entice you, I can also guarantee nutritious food, beautiful surroundings and plenty of support.

You can see a video of the awesome Anita Ramsden here. She attended the Training Workshop only last summer and has gone on to run several TFH classes herself. 

The Training Workshop is a requirement of the TFH Consultant category for those who wish to enhance their skills as a practitioner also. Prerequisite is TFH Proficiency. Repeaters are, of course, always welcome at a discount.

Go to for more details of the next class from 12th - 19th September 2019 at Swallet Farm, Bristol, UK

If you are inspired by what you see in this email and want to have a chat about the possibilities for YOU please do get in touch or you can download the registration forms here

May you pass the light to those you Touch for Health!