Top Tip for Emotional Stress Relief

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Top Tip for Emotional Stress Relief

You know that feeling when you are  stressed out, or when the same thoughts are going round and round your head without getting anywhere?

Like if you have had an argument and you keep replaying it in your mind, when you hear something horrible on the news or when you just have a worry you can't get out of your head. Well here's a fantastic tip from Level 1 Touch for Health to help you with it... It's so simple it doesn't seem possible.

Hold two points half way between your eyebrows and your hair line (or where it should be!) with either the thumb and two fingers of one had or two fingers from each hand and hold them very gently with only a slight tugging of the skin. While you are doing this think about the issue and you'll see that before long your mind begins to wander and you can't think of it any more - which is strange because a moment ago you couldn't think of anything else! The problem isn't resolved (now that would be a miracle) but the emotional stress has been released.

Actually this isn't rocket science. If you think about it these are the points we hold or rub when we are particularly stressed out so we already know how to do this. In Touch for Health they are called the Emotional Stress Release points - and they do exactly what it says on the tin!