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Books and Resources

When I started out as a Kinesiologist there used to be a supplier in the UK run by the late Ann Holdway. When she retired she was very supportive as I began to set up my shop and I shall be eternally grateful to her for that.

Initially I only sold wall charts to my students who wanted them for their study and later for their clinics. Soon other teachers began to buy from me too and the whole thing grew quite organically until before long the shop became quite extensive.

One thing that I really love about running this online shop now is that I get to make contact with so many practitioners and students throughout the country and the world. I have supplied materials to America, Greece, Dubai, France, Switzerland, Holland, well all over really.

I have tried to put things in the shop that are otherwise difficult to find and/or are really useful for anyone interested in Kinesiology. If there is an item that you don't see in the shop do get in touch and I will do my utmost to source it for you.

Helena Argüelles